About ABG

ABG Foundation Charitable Trust is making an important contribution towards strengthening the education and chartable activity for backward group and their families. ABG Foundation is a Calicut,kerala based non-for-profit .
Since its inception it has been working towards creating a generation of children who are not bound by the circumstances they are born into. Coming from the most desperate of situations, often with alcoholic fathers and a distressed home environment, their future looks bleak.
At this organization such children are provided with education,

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Our vision is to provide a refuge to the orphaned, abandoned, unprivileged children. We work to provide holistic care and a support system by guiding, educating, and giving them love and care that they deserve. We act as a transition for the children to lead a life with complete social dignity and make them capable of helping the society in return.


To be a positive force in addressing the comprehensive needs of the sick living with terminal infirmities and loneliness; to ensure their dignity and overall quality of life by motivating, caring, supporting and rehabilitating them, with priority for community care and palliative care for those terminally ill.


We believe homelessness is solvable and preventable, and that philanthropy is an essential partner to end it. At the core of everything we do is a commitment to individual and community empowerment, of helping people get access to the tools and means to achieve.